Prince William Road Roadworks Update

Please find important update from Breedon who are carrying out the works on the Prince William Road:

We achieved a major milestone on the project in late September by lifting in the underpass extension structure and we are opening the underpass to the public on Monday 6th November 2023. Therefore, please share with the local community that the underpass is re-open for use.   

We will be removing the temporary pedestrian crossing on Wednesday 8th November 2023

We are continuing to progress safely and efficiently with the project whilst adhering to the traffic management restrictions being enforced by DFI Roads. As Prince William Road sits on an embankment, we have been widening the embankment structure to cater for the new traffic lanes on Prince William Road. In recent weeks we have completed 90% of the embankment widening whilst removing the old verge/grass area. This verge contained NIE infrastructure (that was diverted in August) and Openreach/BT infrastructure; we are continuing to work with stakeholders to relocate this Openreach infrastructure.  Whilst driving along Prince William Road (Lisburn bound) you will notice an existing mast on your lefthand side. We have been working with stakeholders to decommission this mast to allow new traffic lanes to be constructed in this area. 

We have worked closely with DFI Roads to deliver works at the Nettlehill junction area during the Halloween break. As part of this project we must widen the Prince William Road from the Nettlehill junction, therefore we required the closure of Lane 1 (Lisburn bound) on Prince William Road in this area (resulting in banned right turns). This lane closure is now removed and it is not planned at this time to have any other variances to Traffic Management in 2023. We are working to complete as much work off-line as possible to minimise disruption and are currently planning to commence working on the existing Prince William Road in January 2024. We appreciate this work will cause disruption, however it is necessary to keep our teams, road users and pedestrians safe during the works. We are currently working with DFI Roads and stakeholders to minimise the disruption these works will cause in 2024 and we will communicate final traffic management arrangements as soon as possible. The existing road pavement on Prince William Road requires significant works to cater for the new widened road sections, and major infrastructure is required to make the junction fully signalised with pedestrian crossings. Works include installing 3 new traffic islands and over 40 items of infrastructure for the new signalisation works.  There are a number of items that can cause unplanned delays to projects of this nature, however we remain on schedule to complete the project by May 2024.