Sports Academy awarded financial support towards the training of staff and volunteers

In the latest round of grants awarded from the #DormantAccountsFundNI, 15 voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector organisations have received their share of £1,248,814 to support their long-term future

We are delighted to receive this financial support towards the development of our community hub at the Bluebell Sports Village. This grant will go towards enhancing the knowledge and skills of our staff to strengthen the organisation.

Over three years the project will upskill staff, board members and volunteers, provide resources to support staff with day-to-day operations, carry out succession planning and update financial and governance policies.[0]=AT0riMPiSoNgYBvQAf2lxc4OfcwKJfViAHwDOzxTyfR4Nttr3z6j9tQ4YzZ8tEJrCLaPjPyCaC-ddflq8sh5gg5TLkw7rqKSIzcd6i7oWBhmdQblKkcUD3MfWkmeJcK6vsOAZmkUAMqVsQcMNBzshHjiNZhsBpNnvibxlRQNYUNPS7y3ZMHo1OS-aycF9YSxzohCaav6r0Qjt4SkECRlLedI4MhODalIAYqfmw